How to Get a Job as a Casino Croupier

Imagine making a living doing something you love. Now, imagine making a living playing blackjack every night without losing money. That is what a croupier does.

Okay, they do a lot more, but it is still an interesting and glamorous profession. A good croupier not only has an opportunity to make good money, but also appear in movies, rub elbows with the rich and the famous, travel the world, etc.

So, how do you get this awesome job? Do you have to go to a croupier school and is it all as enchanting as it appears? Read on to find out.

How Much Does a Casino Croupier Make?

According to Glass Door, croupiers were making on average just under $40k in the US in 2021. The numbers seem to be similar in the UK, Canada, Australia, and multiple European countries.

A median salary on a cruise ship is about $3200 per month. If you spend the whole year on a ship, that could earn you about 25% more than the US average.

However, that's not all. Croupiers can make a lot in tips. Not everyone tips the croupier when they go to a casino, but they are still comparable to the tips in the food industry. Often, players leave a chip or two behind, sometimes more.

It is actually very interesting. A lot of players forget about the monetary value of a chip, especially after a win. Therefore, they are more likely to leave a $100 chip behind as a tip - not something you would encounter often in the service industry.

If you spend some time online, you will encounter stories of affluent players being incredibly generous. It is not an everyday occurrence, but the prospect of having your student loans or mortgage paid off by a stranger as a tip sounds nice, right?

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Casino Croupier?

If maths was your weak point in school, you may struggle in this job. Gambling is all about probability and statistics, so you will have to have decent knowledge and command of these mathematical fields.

You will need a good knowledge of the games and how they work. Good customer service skills are important as well.

How Do You Become a Croupier?

Since the dawn of mankind (or at least mankind's penchant for gambling), a dealer or croupier would learn on the job. It is still more or less like that these days.

Bigger casinos would prefer you already come in with knowledge and experience, but the smaller ones would gladly take you on as an apprentice.

A high school diploma is a must. Some establishments will also require at least some higher education, either in the field of maths or customer service. Several specialty croupier courses come with official certificates, but those don't always guarantee work.

In some US states, you will need to acquire a dealer license. Your best bet is to see what the requirements are where you live and work from there.

To find work on a cruise ship, you will most likely need at least one year of experience working in casinos. However, that number easily goes up for more prestigious cruise lines.

Do You Have to Be a Magician to Become a Casino Croupier?

No, but you would be surprised to find out how many magicians work as croupiers between gigs.

If you have dabbled, it will not hurt to highlight it during a job interview. There are a couple of "legal" ways casinos cheat and the bosses would not mind employing someone proficient in manual trickery.

However, what you should learn is how to shuffle the cards. Of course, the movements must be smooth and consistent, but it wouldn't hurt to learn a few tricks as well. After all, that's a big part of coming to a casino for a lot of people. If a customer wants to see someone fumble with the deck, they can stick to their Thursday poker session with work buddies.

Do You Have to Be Charming and/or Attractive to Be a Casino Croupier?

Different casinos have different standards when it comes to their workers’ appearances. Some will refuse to hire anyone who is not a Calvin Klein model, while others only care that you look neat and presentable.

However, you must have charm. A lot of it. Even if your brief is to keep quiet as much as possible, knowing how to charm someone's socks off with a single look will earn you tips and regulars.

This goes for both women and men. Many casinos encourage their croupiers to build friendly relationships with clients. That way, they feel more relaxed and are far more likely to stay and play longer.

However, watch out for sleaze. It is one thing asking a group of retired women if this is their 20th high school reunion. That will earn you a few chips and giggles. However, crossing lines will make you seem arrogant and annoying.

How Safe It Is to Work as a Casino Croupier?

It is mostly very safe. Casinos tend to have some of the best security systems and teams on board. Not to mention that those heist scenarios you see in movies rarely happen.

That said, you will be exposed to drunk and/or belligerent players. At best, they will get handsy or run their mouth, at worst, they will turn violent. Each casino has a series of protocols for those cases, from what you can do to de-escalate the situation to how to protect yourself until the security or law enforcement can do their job.

It won't be a pleasant experience, especially for a newbie. The ugly part of human nature rears its head in gambling dens, so you will have to steel your nerves before your first day of work.

What Are Your Prospects as a Casino Croupier?

Being a croupier is an entry-level position with multiple opportunities for advancement. When it comes to casino floors, owners prefer to promote croupiers into managers and pit bosses. It is only a matter of time before an opportunity presents itself for you to climb even higher.

In addition, croupiers are always in high demand for cruises and if you land a job with one of the European companies, you are looking at a generous salary.

Croupiers are one of the better-paid workers on almost any cruise line. Since your room and board are provided by the company, it's a great way to make and save a large chunk of cash.

Finally, you get to meet a lot of interesting and often influential people. Tips are great, but contacts are even better.

You often hear, "it's not what you know but who you know." If that applies to your dream job, working as a croupier can give you an edge. Rich people like to gamble their money away for fun and at some point, the right person will be at your table.

Being a croupier doesn't have to be your final destination, but it sure can take you where you want to be.

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