New Year Resolutions for 2022

To make the most of the upcoming New Year, why not take the time to set some New Year resolutions. We know, you’ve heard it before and many believe that making New Year resolutions never seems to really work. The trick is to set some goals that are achievable. Then, all you have to do is develop a routine that will allow you to achieve these goals one by one. Read on for some ideas of New Year resolutions you may be able to keep in 2022.  

Eat Vegetables

To keep a healthy mind, you need a healthy diet. And what better way of doing so than by eating plenty of greens? Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by adding at least one vegetable to your plate. If you are not that into veggies, start off with something plain such as salad or peas. Eventually, you can work your way up to spinach or broccoli.

Try Travelling… Vegas perhaps?

Enjoy 2022 with a vacation. To take a holiday, all you really need to do is find where to travel to and plan it. Essentially, holidays are not all that difficult to create, so long as you can plan early on and stick to a fixed reasonable budget.

If you are short of ideas of where to visit, perhaps Las Vegas would be the ideal choice. Contrary to what you may have heard, Vegas is not that expensive when thought out on a budget. If you decide to go to Vegas, do not miss out on the Las Vegas Strip, widely considered the home of gambling.

Read Books

We do plenty of reading on a day-to-day basis. Most of the content read in 2021 is from social media platforms or blogs/articles online. For 2022, make the resolution of reading more books. Books are the perfect distraction from the harsh realities in our lives. Thus, by picking up a book, you can enjoy a stress-free activity. If you’re not much of a reader, try and get through one chapter per day. The tip here is to keep the book close at hand so that you can spend a few minutes here and there reading.

Try Something New

To make 2022 a year to remember, a fantastic resolution could be learning a new skill. Learning a new skill is not as difficult as it sounds. If you are not that good at cooking, attend a weekly cooking class. If you want to learn how to rock climb, sign-up at a rock-climbing school. Essentially, committing to a weekly class for a month or two could do you the world of good.

Quality Time with Family and Friends

To make the most of your time is to share it wisely with family and friends. Think of the closest people you have in your life. You want them to know how important they are to you and the best way of showing this is by giving them your time.

If you haven’t got anything special to do, perhaps organize a trip, go for a walk, watch a movie or sit at a fancy restaurant. Essentially, you’ve just got to pick a day and have an afternoon chat with them. Do not stay glued to your phone.

Invest in a Diary

By invest, we mean mentally. One thing that may help clear your thoughts and release some stress is buying a journal. Then, every day, just take ten minutes to write in it. You can write anything. How you feel, what plans you have, events that happened during the day. Later on, this journal may come into use as you can revert back to the feeling that you previously had.

Drink Water Regularly

To follow a healthier diet for 2022, it is advised to drink plenty of water. Not only are you keeping your body hydrated, but you’re also keeping it in shape. You may need to expect a lot more bathroom trips. It is advised to drink water before drinking coffee.

Sleep Matters!

One of the best resolutions for the New Year is to be cautious with your sleeping schedule. For a healthier lifestyle, it is fundamental to have a good night’s sleep. The best way to achieve this is by setting aside your phone before bed and having a quiet evening. Perhaps reading a book. It is also advised not to eat within two hours of your bedtime.

Give Yourself a Break

It is a known characteristic of humans to be too hard on themselves. You are your harshest critic. Thus, we advise you to always be kinder to yourself. Take on the same attitude that you would have to a friend who is down in the dumps. By being kinder with yourself, you will feel better and more motivated to tackle whatever issue lies in front of you.

One Day per Week Without Meat

If you want to follow a healthier lifestyle, it is advised to take more care of your diet. For health and environmental reasons, you may want to lay off meat for one day per week. Take the opportunity to explore vegetarian or vegan meals.

Stay Away From Social Media

Giving yourself a break from social media could be a good New Year’s resolution. One common trait amongst modern humans is an addiction to social media feeds.  By avoiding using social media as much, you will have more time for yourself. Use this time to do chores or to exercise. Put down the device and pick up a book, chat with someone face to face or go for a walk.

Exercise at a Gym

One of the most cliché resolutions at New Year’s is to join a gym. Typically, this only lasts for January. Thus, make this resolution stick by signing-up at a gym with a strict schedule. A good way of managing this is by going with a friend or hiring a personal trainer. By attending gym twice per week consistently, your New Year’s resolution will be worth its weight in gold.

Meditation and Relaxation

With a relaxed body and mind, you will work wonders both physically and mentally. Meditation and relaxation release stress and lead to a healthier body. Try to meditate at least once per week, perhaps in a yoga class or by listening to the sounds of raindrops.

Learn Something New Each Day

One resolution that could be worth trying out for 2022 is to learn something new every day. This keeps your brain constantly active. The new thing that you learn can be a word. Many dictionary apps send a daily new word to enhance your vocabulary. This could be seen as an easy and effective way of keeping your brain on the ropes.

Sign-up for Voluntary Work

Finally, a great way of giving something back to the community is by volunteering. For instance, you may volunteer at a local charity or take part in a marathon/walkathon to raise money. Voluntary work is the perfect resolution for 2022 if you want to help a cause. In addition, you will certainly feel better as you do it.

Closing Remarks

New Year resolutions do not have to be difficult things to fulfil. In the list above, we have provided a few ideas that are very doable. All you’ve got to do is find the time to do them and mentally invest into them.

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