The Five Best Casino Games for Beginners

Since the beginning of time, people have gambled. Whether it's a couple of Neanderthals throwing down some Mammoth knuckles on the ground in a primitive dice game or the Romans placing bets on the outcome of gladiatorial combat at the Colosseum, man has always found something to gamble on.


Today, nothing has changed apart from the betting targets. Most commonly, we have people around the world placing wagers on the outcome of sporting competitions. Be it horse racing, football, athletics or boxing, there are a huge number of sporting events where gamblers try to predict the outcomes. However, if you're the type of gambler who's not interested in sports, then you're surely going to find a game at the casino to suit your gambling taste


For those of you who are new to online casinos, there is a massive selection of games. It's a good idea to begin by playing the free games available. By playing in FreePlay or Demo Mode, you are able to familiarise yourself with the rules and gameplay, but without any risk to your bankroll. When you’re feeling confident about your abilities, it's time to hit the games tables and play against other gamblers or the dealer in head-to-head games.


Though having a huge selection of games at your fingertips is a boon, sometimes too many options can lead to a form of “choice paralysis.” You may be uncertain which games are best suited to beginners and be nervous about taking the plunge for fear of looking like a newbie, as well as fearing you might blow all your money in a few minutes.


To help you out, we've put together a short list of casino games we feel are best suited for beginners. Though some of these may appear complex to the untrained eye, you’ll be able to pick up the rules and playing strategies in just a couple of rounds.



Probably the simplest game to play in the casino is bingo. All that’s required of you is to cross out numbers on a grid as they are called out. That's it! There's no requirement for any experience or talent, and there are no restrictions. The whole game depends on luck.


However, there is one major drawback. We fear that the game will become monotonous after a short while. Because there is so little input on your part, except from listening and marking the corresponding numbers, bingo may not be the best option if you want something that offers a more exciting time as well as higher payouts.




Thanks to their easy play and the possibility of high payouts, slot machines are by far the most popular gambling activity in casinos, both online and in land-based casinos. Like bingo, the games are incredibly easy to master. You simply put your money into the slot machine and hit the Spin button.


If you enjoy slots but you are looking for something that offers a variety of opportunities and methods of winning, then you should try your hand at video slots. These games have been designed to mix the old and familiar arcade games with gambling and you'll find a huge number of colourful themes available. In comparison with regular slots, you'll find video slots to be more challenging, with many games having their own rules and unique gameplay. We suggest you experiment to understand the concepts behind each video slot machine. If you're a lover of arcade games, then video slots are going to be right up your street.


Here at Spin Rio Casino, you'll see we have a massive range of slots on offer. The collection covers a multitude of themes, numbers of pay lines and prizes. In fact, there's something to suit every player’s taste, along with the possibility of landing some huge wins.




When most people think of the casino, they imagine the roulette table. After all, the roulette wheel is synonymous with casino gambling around the world. It's true that at first glance the table does look intimidating, but everything is laid out in a logical way making the game very simple to play. Essentially, all you have to do as predict the pocket in which the ball will come to rest on a roulette wheel.


Even though roulette is a game of luck, there are some tactics and strategies you can utilise to increase your chances of winning. If you do manage to predict the winning number, then the rewards on offer make the effort worthwhile. There are a few bets that give you an almost 50/50 chance of winning, including betting on the red or black numbers or the odd or even numbers.


One factor you should keep in mind is the number of zeros featured on the wheel. For example, on the European wheel there is only one zero, whereas, on the American one, there are two. Having an extra zero on the wheel makes it harder to win. To that end, we recommend you only play on the European wheel with its better chances of winning.




Of all the card games to learn in the casino, blackjack is without a doubt, one of the simplest. With the aim of reaching a total of 21 in your hand, the goal is straightforward. You'll be playing against the dealer, with each of you receiving two cards, to begin with.


All the picture cards are valued at 10, but the Ace can have a value of either 11 or 1. Providing your hand contains a total of less than 21, you can ask for more cards by calling “hit.” As long as you don't go over the total of 21, you can keep hitting. If you receive a card that takes you over 21, then you will be “bust” and lose your bet. We must confess that blackjack offers some excellent bets. The skills necessary to win are related to the fact that there’s a mathematical strategy to play each and every hand perfectly in order to give you the best possible odds. Once you've mastered the basics of the game, you should look into learning the various blackjack strategies that are designed to ensure you don't go bust.


Video Poker


Video poker machines are based on 5-card draw. With this in mind, it's important you understand something about hand-ranking in poker before you begin to play. The objective of the game is to build the strongest possible 5-card poker hand.


The best-known video poker game variant is called Jacks or Better and it's named after the weakest winning hand. The game is simple to understand. You are dealt five card and then choose which to hold and which to discard. The discarded cards are replaced and you are then paid based upon the strength of your hand. As long as your hand contains at least a pair of jacks, then you will receive a payout.


There are many more video poker games to explore, but all work in roughly the same way. Some of them offer boosted payouts for certain hands and some have wild cards. Each version of video poker has a mathematically optimal strategy, so be sure to look it up before you start playing.

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